How to Hydrated Fast: Five Hydration Tips for Summer

By Williams Logistics, Inc on 6-22-2023

How to Hydrated Fast: Five Hydration Tips for Summer

With summer temperatures rising, the threat of truckers overheating while working also increases. Besides their truck, a truck driver’s health and wellbeing is their most important asset. Heat exhaustion and dehydration while working around other summer driving hazards can have significant consequences. Dehydration might be just a mild concern for others. However since truck drivers spend so much time on the road, their safety and the safety of other drivers can be at risk. This is because dehydration can affect your mood, making you feel sluggish, tired or irritable. Which can mean difficulties concentrating and communicating as well as slow reaction times. 

Extreme temperature exposure can intensify the symptoms of dehydration into becoming more severe which can cause:

    • Disorientation and dizziness
    • Inability to sweat and cool down
    • Inability to urinate
    • Trouble keeping down fluids

If you  are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s vital to stop working and focus on cooling down. If no improvements are made after 30 mins, it’s recommended that you contact your doctor for medical attention.

Five Hydration Tips for Summer

Drinking plenty of fluids is essential for truck drivers working in the summer heat. So it’s common knowledge to consistently drink water to keep hydrated throughout the day. Here are five hydration tips for summer to help reduce the risk for dehydration and heat exhaustion. 

    • Start the day off strong and drink plenty of water in the morning
    • Did you know feeling thirsty is also a sign of dehydration? Therefore, don’t wait until your body says it needs water. Studies have shown people drink more fluids when it’s easily accessible, so always keep an insulated water bottle or cooler of beverages on hand for a quick drink. Avoid sugary and caffeinated drinks such as soda, coffee, tea and alcohol as they may worsen dehydration
    • If casual sips of water or other healthy drinks aren't your style, set an alarm and try to make a specific effort to drink 8 oz every 15 minutes
    • As drinking water can be difficult for some people, it’s encouraged to add natural flavorings to improve the taste. People are often inclined to drink flavored water more than they usually would with plain water. However, avoid flavorings with artificial sweeteners and preservatives as they actually have a dehydrating effect or are high in calories
    • Sports drinks, like Pedialyte, are another option instead of water for keeping hydrated. In fact, they are often used by athletes after a game or exercise as they also contain electrolytes. Electrolytes are important for water absorption and replacing minerals lost while sweating. It’s important to note that sports drinks are often very high in calories, artificial sweeteners and preservatives. So be careful with sticking to a sports drink for hydration and compare nutrition labels with different drinks

Driving with Williams Logistics

Along with spring storms, high temperatures are another challenge truck drivers have to face while working. Staying hydrated is particularly important to staying safe on the roads. A healthy, hydrated body and mind helps keep drivers focused, clear minded, and ready to tackle the challenges ahead. However driving a truck is just as rewarding as it is challenging, with life on the open road appealing to people from all walks of life. If you think you might be interested in a truck driving career, reach out to us at William’s Logistics! We are always happy to answer questions about truck driving, our company, or the amazing opportunities for our drivers.