Summer Driving Hazards for Truckers

By Williams Logistics, Inc on 6-3-2023

Summer Driving Hazards for Truckers

There’s no question about the importance of truck drivers to the economy and the country. This fact is particularly obvious during the summer months. While the summer season is the time to make memories with family and friends, truckers are still needed to keep the country moving. Even when faced with hazards of the job, truckers continue to support businesses and consumers across the U.S. Every season brings a new round of challenges for truck drivers to be physically and mentally prepared for. Before hitting the road, here are five summer driving safety tips and hazards to be aware of while traveling.

    • Increased Wildlife: The habits of wildlife can pose a hazard to drivers in both rural and urban areas. Everything from deer to rabbits become more active as the temperatures warm up. While smaller animals aren’t very destructive to vehicles, they can distract a driver’s attention from other road hazards. Always keep a watchful eye on your surroundings for wildlife, especially around early morning and late evening hours. Even if they are just grazing on the side of the road, something could spook them into running in front of your truck. This can lead to serious damages or other accidents, regardless of your traveling speed.
    • Intense Summer Traffic: With school over for the summer, lots of families are traveling to their vacation destinations. Which means more traffic and potential for accidents or delays for truckers all across the country. Truckers should always be aware of their surroundings regardless of the season, but the “Summer Road Trip” season poses a unique challenge. Travelers on vacation can easily become confused in an unfamiliar location. This can lead to making sudden lane or direction changes or driving much slower than the speed limit. In addition to more traffic while traveling, there are more pedestrians, bicyclists, and farm equipment near or on the roads as well.
    • Watch for Potholes: Over the winter months, extreme temperature changes, ice melting chemicals and other factors can damage the pavement. If water is allowed to pool underneath the pavement, it can cause further damage by freezing and expanding. As the weather warms up and thaws out the ice, large cracks or holes can form in the road. These potholes can be extremely dangerous to truck drivers. Not only can they cause extensive damages, potholes can also cause a blowout and potentially lead to loss of control.
    • Construction: In addition to vacations, summer is also the season for road construction, especially in the midwest. Truckers are encouraged to be prepared for unexpected construction delays and be alert for road signs that offer information about road constructions ahead. The safety of truckers, other drivers, and the construction workers throughout the construction season is only ensured when everyone does their part. Always use extra caution when approaching and driving through a construction work zone.

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